Growing up, eating teriyaki has had a very special meaning for us. It seems that it was always a tasty part of family gatherings, road trips, and special occasions.  Encouraged by the frequent urgings of friends and family who received the sauce as Christmas presents (“Do we really have to wait till next year to get more?”), we began making it by hand in the kitchen of a local bakery in 1995.

Producing the sauce according to family tradition proved to be so labor intensive that it soon became obvious that a more efficient facility was required.  Then we discovered the Wolf  Pack Specialty Foods Company. Their impeccable record and willingness to work to our specifications was a perfect fit.

We are now happy to be able to deliver a quality product regardless of the demand. We also like that we have plenty for ourselves!  And so, it is our sincerest desire that Takaya Homestyle Teriyaki Sauce will give you the enjoyment that it has given us.

If you try it we think you’ll agree, “One taste tells the story.”

~Philip and Khalil Nakano